Build a Personal Altar


Do you want to make a personal altar at Garfield Park?

Please read through our altar guidelines below and/or come to our informational meeting at Garfield Park Clubhouse, October 5th, 6pm.

Thank you for your interest and desire to build an altar for this Day of the Dead.  This is a unique and transformative community event and the entire community is grateful for your collaboration, creativity and willingness to help us maintain one of the best celebrations in San Francisco.

We would like to introduce some important guidelines for building your altars:

  • INFORMATION –The Marigold Project will have a table next to the clubhouse. We welcome volunteers to assist and help at the table.
  • ALCOHOL is not allowed during the event. We are making an effort to cut down police intervention during the event.  Please remind others than this is an alcohol-free event and gently invite them to drink outside the park.
  • SOUND– Amplified sound is not allowed
  • ELECTRICITY– We do not supply any electricity. If you need electricity you will need to bring a silent generator. Please notify us if you will be bringing a generator.
  • FIRE – Only candles that are inside of glass or tin recipients. No other use of fire.
  • WATER- Each altar needs to have a reserve of one gallon of water just in case some thing catches fire
  • No DIGGING – Only allowed in the soil by using rebar and no more than 6 inches deep due the sprinkler system.  Please notify us if you are planning to dig.
  • PLAYGROUND – Only children and adults supervising children are allowed into the playground area. No altars or candles in the Playground.
  • SET UP: 12pm  4:00pm.  Please make sure that your altar is set by 4 pm.
  • CLEAN UP: Clean-up begins promptly at 11 pm. Please remove your altars and ofrendas that night. The Marigold Project is not responsible for anything left at the park after midnight.  There will be waste, recycling and compostable dumpsters on Harrison. Be aware that we will get fined for anything left on the street or park and if waste is not properly classified  Please bring your own garbage bags. We will also have garbage bags available at the Marigold Project table. We encourage you to recycle usable arts materials and candles at SCRAP.
  • CONCERNS – All concerns from police, rangers, or any attendee can be addressed at the Marigold Project information table located outside the Clubhouse.

At the end of the event a lot of candles are left on the park. Please help us to recycle them, for instance by taking a load and donating them to SCRAP or to some other group or household that will re-use them.

We are looking forward to celebrating Dia de los Muertos with all of you.


The Marigold Project